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7 ways Spring Fling 2017 will blow your mind

A Spring Fling evening in Tucson.

Time and place: April 7–9 on the UA Mall. 

If you’ve been to Spring Fling at the University of Arizona, you know why it’s special. The lights, the laughter, the aromas of deep-fried Twinkies and popping kettle corn – it’s a singular event.

So far, this year’s Fling is looking better than ever. Here are the top 7 reasons why.

7. Pay at the door. Or don’t …

General admission is only $5, but you can get in free if you have a CatCard. This includes online students! You’ll also receive free admission if you have a military ID ... or if you’re a child under 7.

6. Rides, attractions and games — oh my.

Sure, the Fling has a Ferris wheel. It wouldn’t be a carnival without one. But it also has rides like the Mach 1, which will rattle even the bravest riders with massive multi-story drops. After pulling some G’s, hit up the game booths to win a prize for that special someone.

5. Eegees on fry bread: a match made in heaven?

Yep, Eegees will be there. As if that weren’t already a “nuff said” moment, student groups will be serving amazing regional eats, from fry bread to Sonoran dogs. And, of course, there will be kettle corn.


Rockers We the Kings and People Who Could Fly are headlining concerts on Friday and Saturday. A number of other groups will be performing as well, including The Faultlines and the Black N’ Blue Crew.

3. Spring nights in Tucson.

Need I say more?

2. Saving the planet can be super fun. 

Last year, the Spring Fling team saved 8 tons of waste from going to a landfill. This time, they’re going even greener.

For starters, all food containers from student-run booths are compostable, and they’re posting experts by the bins to help you sort out the trash. They’re also offering free bike valets to help reduce your carbon footprint — and to make you feel fancy when you roll up on your emissions-free ride.

1. You’re supporting your school, your students and your community.

Spring Fling is the largest student-run carnival in the nation. It’s also the largest campus fundraiser for student clubs and organizations. All the money they earn goes back to their groups.

What’s more, they’re collecting book donations for Reading Seed, a children's literacy organization, and canned goods for the UA Campus Pantry and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Donate four non-perishable food items to get $5 off the price of an unlimited rides wristband!

Excited yet? So are we. Click here to learn more about Spring Fling 2017.

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