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Five Simple Acts for Earth Day

April 20, 2017

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22

Every spring, Earth Day provides an important reminder: Humanity faces growing environmental challenges around the globe, and we need to act now so future generations can thrive. Luckily, you can take five actions today to help create a brighter tomorrow.

1. Get the facts!

The best first step is to stay informed. Get the latest environmental research from credible sources like NASA and the UA Institute of the Environment.

2. Discover your eco footprint. offers an easy ecological footprint quiz to help you figure out your environmental impact, then learn how to reduce it.

3. Go to Biosphere 2 … or just plant a tree.

Visit Biosphere 2 on Earth Day for a full schedule of activities, including live music and science demonstrations. If a whole day won't work, you can donate as little as $1 to plant a tree.

4. Learn more about online classes!

This one might seem self-serving, but it applies to all online classes — not just UA Online. Learning on the computer has an energy cost, of course, but so do fossil fuels burned driving to class; lighting, cooling, and heating for buildings; and so on. Request more information to discover your options.

5. Educate others.

Knowledge is power, and Earth Day 2017’s theme is environmental literacy. Once you’ve learned where to get the facts and determined how you can reduce your impact, help those around you reach the same goal. We can make progress if we find a common language and work together.

For more information about Earth Day 2017, click here. To learn more about sustainability-focused programs available at UA Online, click here and here .

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