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How It Works

UA Online represents a new era in fulfilling our promise to provide accessible education to all. We offer undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in a wide range of areas. UA Online offers the same educational experience as those programs offered on our main campus. UA Online students can expect the high-caliber online degree programs that capitalize on interactive technology to enhance learning.

Innovative Technology

As a UA Online student, you will use the D2L learning management system, which is available 24/7 wherever you have an internet connection. UA Online Launchpad allows you to become familiar with the D2L interface before classes even start to make sure you’re comfortable finding your way around the website.

Engaging Class

You won’t find any boring, passive lectures here. Our cinema-quality field lectures take you inside labs and spaces not typically accessed by students. That means UA Online students have exclusive access to key knowledge and world-class instructors within the online environment.

Guidance and Support

Courses are laid out with clear pacing maps, set due dates and lots of support to help you stay on task. We use engaging design and clear layouts to keep courses navigable. UA Online students are supported by success coaches who answer questions and connect students to resources and help when they need it.

Online Curriculum

Our classes are taught by some of the best and brightest faculty members in the country. Using innovative technology and course design, we deliver a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


  • You want to complete your degree fully online, without access to hybrid or face-to-face class options.
  • You are comfortable accessing advising and other student services remotely (phone, email or chat) rather than in person.
  • You are not an Arizona resident and would like to pay the same price per unit as in-state students pay for your online degree.
  • You are an Arizona resident but expect to take fewer than 7 units per semester and would like to benefit from the flexibility of a per unit rate.