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Agricultural Education: Professional Agriculture Emphasis (MS)

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*Residents of any US Territory are not eligible, please click here for more information.

Agricultural Education provides students with a variety of career opportunities in agriculture and the life sciences, as well as formal and non-formal educational settings. 

 The Master of Science - Professional Agriculture emphasis degree program is designed for working professionals in agriculture who desire to obtain a master's degree. Students can choose from two options: the traditional research option, which includes the completion of a thesis or the professional agriculture option, which provides distance learning options for working professionals and requires them to do a cumulative project instead of a thesis. Students in the professional agriculture track will complete nine units of required coursework online and can choose their 21 remaining units from courses that best fit with their career ambitions. They will then complete a cumulative project that is meant to be more practical and applicable to the work they are doing in their professional lives.

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Master of Science
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences