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Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (ME-ISE)

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Do you dream of designing sustainable technology and reducing our impact on the environment? Take the next step toward those dreams with a Master of Engineering degree in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

An engineer manipulates a computer display of gears

Scientific research makes amazing promises about the ways we can improve our world, but we need people working every day to turn those promises into reality.

Through a combination of engineering and business courses, this online master’s program will give you the skills to translate scientific research breakthroughs into real, sustainable technologies and processes — the kind that bridge the gap between innovation and achievement. The kind that can change the world.

This degree requires 30 units of graduate coursework. These must include 12 units of coursework with a focus on business and management, and 18 units of coursework covering advanced materials and cutting-edge developments in materials science and engineering.

Successful candidates will have a bachelor’s in a science or engineering field.

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Master of Engineering
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