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Nutritional Sciences: Nutrition Emphasis (BS)

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*Residents of any US Territory are not eligible, please click here for more information.

Nutritional science is the study of nutrition and foods in health and disease across the lifespan.

Graduates of this program who enter directly into the workforce become nutrition educators and program coordinators in schools, wellness centers, grant-funded research studies, and nonprofit organizations. Careers in the food industry are also common. You may also choose to use your Nutritional Sciences degree to enter graduate school to study nutrition, public health, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, or physical therapy. 

Courses within the major include nutritional biology and metabolism, food science and safety, nutrition assessment, and therapeutic diets. Nutritional science combines medicine, food chemistry, cell biology and biochemistry with a focus on nutrition and foods. The Nutrition emphasis prepares students for graduate study in nutrition, food science, nutritional biochemistry, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, or veterinary medicine. Graduates in this major may also work as nutritional advisors in schools, wellness centers, the U.S. Military, or nonprofit organizations. Some of these job titles require an advanced degree or certification that students with a degree in Nutritional Sciences may seek after graduation.

The following courses required as pre-requisites for courses within this degree will not be offered in a fully online format by the UA. Students enrolled in this program will need to transfer in or obtain equivalent credit concurrently for these courses:

  • CHEM 151 General Chemistry I (4 units) and CHEM 152 General Chemistry II (4 units)
  • CHEM 241a Lectures in Organic Chemistry (3 units) and CHEM 243a Organic Chemistry Lab (1 unit)
  • CHEM 241b Lectures in Organic Chemistry II (3 units) and CHEM 243b Organic Chemistry Lab II (1 unit) 
  • MIC 205A General Microbiology (3 units) and MIC 205L Biology of Microorganisms Lab (1 unit)
  • PSIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 units) and PSIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology I​I (4 units)
Career Level
Bachelor of Science, Transfer Only
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences