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Optical Sciences (MS)

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The mission of the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences is to provide the state of Arizona and the nation with an internationally pre-eminent program in education, research and outreach in all aspects of the science and application of light.

The goal of the Master of Science in Optical Sciences program is to prepare students to enter exciting and challenging careers in industry or to continue their education in the Ph.D. program. Graduates of the master's program are typically employed as engineers, designers and technical managers. They work in hardware design, medical and biomedical technology, lasers and electro-optical systems, fiber optics and communications, measurements, manufacturing and consumer technology. They work for large corporations, small businesses, government agencies, universities, hospitals and research centers. Many even work for themselves, having started successful companies or gone into consulting. There is no core curriculum for the Master's in Optical Sciences degree, and students are allowed considerable freedom in planning their study programs. The student my limit coursework to a single area of so desired; the core courses for the Ph.D. in Optical Sciences may also form the nucleus of a master's program, but there is no requirement to take any of them. Students may choose between a thesis option and a non thesis option for the M.S. in Optical Sciences.

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