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Science, Technology, Health & Society (General Studies BGS)

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Focus, either through a multidisciplinary approach or a more in-depth study, on academic preparation in both the technical and non-technical skills required for professional success, including the importance of both logic and creative problem-solving.

Science, Technology, Health and Society develops critical awareness of the methods and limits of scientific inquiry, while fostering observational and analytical skills and skills in quantitative analysis and deductive reasoning. The knowledge of physical and social sciences, technologies, mathematics, and communications gained with a Bachelor of General Studies with a focus in Science, Technology, Health, and Society forms a solid foundation for a wide variety of careers. Science, Technology, Health, and Society graduates can work in research, laboratory analysis, information technology, the biotechnology industry, and municipal development and support, among many other options. General Studies, like many majors, teaches content and skills that can be applied to a wide variety of career fields.

Career Level
Bachelor of General Studies
Colleges Of Letters, Arts And Science