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How does a typical online class work?

Classes are entirely online, and students will engage with peers and faculty using a course management system. Online learning takes discipline. You’ll be required to complete readings, view lectures, participate in discussion boards and complete assignments. Some courses may be entirely asynchronous (you can view lectures and complete assignments at your own pace within the timeframe of the course you register for) while others may require you to attend scheduled online meetings or discussion sections.

My state is on the State Authorization Notice for the program in which I am interested. What does this mean?

Certain programs are not available for online students who reside in specific states. To understand the reason your state may not authorize a program, select the intended program and click the link regarding state eligibility information.

What is the overall cost to attend UA Online?

Specific tuition amounts vary depending on program and residency status. Mandatory fees may also apply. To review the cost per unit of each degree, select the program you are interested in on the programs page of our website.

I currently attend The University of Arizona on the Main Campus. How would I become a UA Online student?

There are many things to consider prior to switching from Main Campus to Online. The first step is to speak with your current Academic Advisor who can provide additional information, as well as put you in contact with those who can review your unique situation.

I am eligible for the Arizona Board of Regents Qualified Tuition Reduction or Educational Assistance Program. Can I apply these benefits to UA Online registration?

Eligibility for QTR or EAP applies to UA Online programs. See this page for details.

Can I get a transcript of my UA Online coursework?

Yes. Upon completion of a UA Online course, a student may request a transcript from the Office of the Registrar.  Click here for instructions.

What is UA Online?

UA Online is a university initiative to offer high-caliber online degree programs that capitalize on interactive technology to enhance learning.

How can I order my textbooks?

As a UA Online student, you can request all necessary hardcopy course materials be shipped to your location directly from the University of Arizona Bookstore using our Booklist feature. Many courses will rely on resources available in an electronic format, allowing students to focus on their coursework rather than the hassles of ordering books.

What is the difference between a UA Online and University of Arizona degree?

There is no difference. Degrees earned through UA Online are University of Arizona degrees. Your UA diploma will look exactly the same whether you complete classes on-campus or online. 

Should I Apply to UA Online or UA South

I noticed that many of the BAS degrees are also offered fully online through UA South. Which campus should I apply to?

Yes, the Bachelor's of Applied Sciences degrees listed among our Programs may be completed fully online through UA South as well.  There are a number of factors that students should consider when deciding which campus might best serve them to complete their degrees.

UA Online may be right for you if:

  • You want to complete your degree fully online, without access to hybrid or face-to-face class options.
  • You are comfortable accessing advising and other student services remotely (phone, email or chat) rather than in person.
  • You are not an Arizona resident and would like to pay the same price per unit as in-state students pay for your online degree.
  • You are an Arizona resident but expect to take fewer than 7 units per semester and would like to benefit from the flexibility of a per unit rate.

UA South may be right for you if:

  • You expect to take classes online but also might want the option to take some of your classes in person at UA South campuses. You would like the option to access the UA South advisors at those campuses in person and connect with other students involved in programs on those campuses in person.
  • You are an Arizona resident who plans to take a full-time schedule each semester and would like to pay a fixed tuition rate for full-time credits.
  • You are an Arizona resident who is Pell Grant eligible and would like to be considered for additional institutional aid available to UA South students.


What are the UA Online’s admissions requirements?

The admission requirements for UA Online and the University of Arizona main campus or UA South programs are the same.

Freshman Admissions

Transfer Admissions


Graduate Admissions

I am interested in taking a couple of courses through UA Online; am I able to do so?

To enroll in UA Online as an undergraduate, you must be seeking one of our available degree programs; however there may be an opportunity for you to enroll as a Non-Degree Seeking student with The University. For more information, click here.

Graduate students may enroll to pursue 9 to 12 unit certificate programs; see the list of available programs and inquire directly to determine your eligibility. For students wishing to take graduate level courses without enrollment in a program or certificate, contact the academic department that offers the course directly to determine candidacy. To locate academic departments, follow this link.

I do not currently meet the undergraduate admissions requirements to enroll as a transfer student, and would like to work towards these requirements so I can apply to attend UA Online in the future. What types of courses should I take?

A student who plans to transfer to The University of Arizona should take courses from a regionally accredited college or university with the goal of completing general education requirements with a recalculated college GPA of at least 2.0. Generally, courses taken in English Composition, mathematics, second language, science, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and arts are the recommended subjects that could both help meet admissions requirements as well as progress a student closer to completing requirements for a Bachelors Degree. Students in this scenario are advised to reach out to The University of Arizona Transfer Student Center for guidance. For more information, click here.

Will courses that I have taken at other colleges transfer into my degree program at The University of Arizona?

The University of Arizona will generally accept credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities, provided that appropriate requirements are met. For information on the review of transfer credits, please see the appropriate policy within the Academic Catalog here.

Class Information

How can I contact my professor?

Students enrolled in UA Online classes will receive contact information from their professors and will be able to send them messages directly through the learning management system as well.

Do UA Online students need to travel to Tucson to complete any coursework? Are there any face-to-face classes or meetings?

No, UA Online offers only degrees that students can complete without coming to the UA campus. Students who apply as UA Online students will not have access to enroll in face-to-face classes offered on the University of Arizona main campus.

Do students need to attend any orientations?

Orientation for UA Online students will be offered online. You are strongly encouraged to complete your orientation in a timely manner once you’ve been admitted to ensure the best possible beginning to your UA Online Wildcat experience.

Can a student enrolled in course on the Main Campus or UA South take classes through UA Online?

No, access to the seats available in UA Online course sections is limited to students who are earning their UA degrees or certificates entirely online. Some Main Campus or UA South classes may be co-convened with sections of UA Online courses, however, meaning that the some of the other students in your classes may be from another of our UA campuses. This is one more way we bring together Wildcats from around the state, country and world.

Will there be a specific time that I have to attend class?

Most UA Online courses will not require a specific time for a student to be logged into class, providing freedom and autonomy to complete coursework at times that are convenient to each individual.

Technical Requirements

What are the technical requirements for online classes?

Below are the technical specifications you need for participation in UA Online courses: