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In less than three years, UA Online earns national recognition

News article | October 12, 2017

The University of Arizona’s college campus is built on years of stellar program rankings, ground-breaking research and other achievements. In 2014 the university started the journey of leveraging its 135-plus years of excellence to establish UA Online , which offers degrees that can be earned completely through web-based courses.

Gaming and Virtual Reality Lead the Way at UA Tech Crawl

News article | October 4, 2017

Imagine putting on a headset and touching down on another world. A world where you can learn and grow by fully immersing yourself in whatever topic you want.

Back to college at 91: WWII vet gets second start

News article | August 29, 2017

Jim Chaffins has always loved to learn. Raised in West Virginia, he finished high school a semester early and enrolled at West Virginia Tech. His college plans, however, encountered a slight roadblock: World War II.