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Administration of Justice (Applied Science BAS)

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*Residents of any US Territory are not eligible, please click here for more information.

The Bachelor of Applied Sciences Program in Administration of Justice is an interdisciplinary program for students seeking a career in federal, state, and local law enforcement, public safety and corrections, courtroom systems, immigration and customs enforcement, and a variety of related professions.

The degree serves students who have earned an Applied Associates Degree, as well as those who have real life experience in law enforcement or public safety. Topics covered in the Administration of Justice BAS degree include criminal justice, procedural constitutional rights, the American judicial system, multicultural approaches, terrorism, gender law, contemporary issues in law enforcement, and immigration and border issues. Additionally, the Administration of Justice program at UA South provides students with analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, as well as organization and leadership skills. 

Students may transfer coursework from regionally accredited and/or military institutions. During the application process, you must submit a resume and goal statement for professional admission to the program. Before applying, you may want to discuss our background with a program advisor. Contact or 520-621-0898 for a referral.

Career Level
Bachelor of Applied Science, Transfer Only
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