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Philosophy: Ethics Specialization (BA)

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Philosophy is the study of ideas and issues, in which questions are approached through reflection and analysis, and also through interdisciplinary experimentation with fields like psychology and cognitive science. All academic disciplines are built upon ideas of interest to philosophers -- including the nature of the mind and the relationship between mental states and brain states, the distinction between true belief and knowledge, the rules of valid argument, and the basis for the distinctions between right and wrong, good and bad. Students find study in the discipline provides insight into life's fundamental concerns and helps develop a capacity for clear thinking and perceptive judgment. An undergraduate major in philosophy prepares students for careers in law, government, and commerce. Ethics specialists are in need as moral problems have become more complex due to the globalization of business, fast-changing government policies and law, environmental concerns, challenges in health care, and the explosive growth in digital technology. Citizens around the globe are demanding that people in key positions have formal training in ethics.

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Bachelor of Arts
College Of Social And Behavioral Sciences