Biochemistry Prepare for the MCAT, Grad school and more

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BIOCHEMISTRY Prepare for the MCAT, Grad school and more

Learn from world-class scholar
and textbook author Roger Miesfeld

You don’t need to be a full-time student to enroll in this amazing online experience in biochemistry. If you want to refresh your skills before attending medical school, prepare to take the MCAT, or simply advance your undergraduate education by taking biochemistry online from one of the world’s leading experts, contact us today.

Two courses are available, both of which are designed for undergraduate students from Life Science majors and other pre-professional health science students.


Biochemistry 384,
“Foundations in Biochemistry”

Provides the fundamental concepts in physical biochemistry, including:

  • Bioenergetics, water and membranes.
  • Protein structure/function.
  • Methods in protein biochemistry.
  • Enzyme mechanisms.
  • Protein-mediated cell signaling.
  • Fundamental energy conversion pathways.

Biochemistry 385,
“Metabolic Biochemistry”

Provides the fundamentals of metabolism at the cellular and organismal levels, including:

  • Biochemistry of photosynthesis.
  • Metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Metabolism of lipids.
  • Metabolism of amino acids.
  • Metabolism of nucleotides.
  • DNA and RNA metabolism.

384 is offered as a stand-alone course during the fall term, and 385 is stand-alone during the spring term. Both courses are available back-to-back during the summer term. While Biochemistry 385 is the companion course to Biochemistry 384, it is possible to take them out of sequence as 384 is not a prerequisite for 385. However, it is strongly recommended that students have taken the following prerequisite courses: MCB 181R (Biology), CHEM 152 (General Chemistry), and CHEM 241A (Organic Chemistry) or equivalents. A prerequisite waiver may be available, but entry into the course requires departmental review and approval. Request more information for details.

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