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Please visit the Academic Policies page to find out more about what procedures to follow to earn a second bachelor's degree at the University of Arizona.

Yes. In order for University of Arizona to determine whether you meet admission requirements, we must evaluate your entire academic history, and therefore require official transcripts from each institution attended. Applicants and continuing students should mail official college transcripts from each of the institutions they have attended to:

Registration & Transcripts
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210066
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066

In order for a transcript to be considered official, it must be received in a sealed envelope or through an authorized electronic document transmittal system such as Parchment, directly from the institution. The University of Arizona does not accept unofficial or faxed transcripts, or those emailed from the student or an unauthorized source. For more information about ordering transcripts online, please visit the Office of the Registrar page.

Learn more about AP scores. Learn more about IB scores.

These examinations are a means of satisfying certain course requirements, or for earning extra course credits, without having to enroll formally in the courses. Specific CLEP tests are based on the knowledge acquired through self-education and experience. The University of Arizona accepts CLEP for college credit, providing satisfactory scores are attained; not all CLEP exams are awarded credit at the UA. Please refer to the following link for the required scores for General Education application or Course Credit awarded. Read more about CLEP.

Students who are interested in financial aid must submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). By completing your FAFSA, you are applying for grants and loans.

Yes. Please contact University of Arizona Online for more information on the appeal process at 520-621-0898.

Please contact the University of Arizona Online by calling 520-621-0898 or emailing

* Yes, if it's been more than one year since your last active application (our application expires after one year). * No, if it has been less than one year since you were enrolled in classes or your last active application.

* If you are currently enrolled at the main campus you do not need to reapply to the University of Arizona Online. Connect with an online academic advisor to discuss your situation.

* If you never attended the term you were admitted to and now want to change your campus a term or two later, you should fill out a new application.

Once we have the completed application file, including all required materials, it usually takes 1-2 weeks for application processing, review, and for your notification to be mailed. A complete application file includes: Application for admission Application processing fee ($65) or eligible fee waiver Official high school or college transcripts

Yes, the University of Arizona Online students can request a change of admission start term. For more information on the change of admission start term policy, process and deadlines visit Deferment Options and select the appropriate campus for more information.

The full admissions process can vary but once you have been admitted you must complete the items in your Next Steps Center portals. Then schedule an academic advising appointment before enrolling in classes.

There are no in-state residency requirements to enroll in the University of Arizona Online. However, some programs require clinical residencies, but these can be either face-to-face or conducted by remote telehealth.

If you are applying as an undergrad, sign into your Future Wildcat account and log in with the email and password that you used when you created your application. For graduate students, log in to your GradApp account with your NetID or GradApp account information.

Visit the Academic Advisory Directory to find your Academic Advisor contact information.

The coursework competency requirements for undergraduate and graduate Arizona Online programs vary. Visit the University of Arizona Online How to Apply page and dive into your program to determine your admissions requirements.

This varies by degree program and time of year. Please reach out to the program you are interested in to get more information regarding a GMAT™ waiver.

Test scores are not required for admission to the University of Arizona Online. However, test scores may be sent in to help fulfill Arizona Board of Regents Course Competencies.

Learn more about all our degrees. You can also reach out to an enrollment counselor by calling 520-621-0898 for further guidance.

* Apply one full semester before enrolling to ensure sufficient time for processing transcripts & advising.

* If you plan to enroll in a summer or fall semester, you are encouraged to apply in January of that year. If you plan to enroll in the spring, apply in September of the previous year.

* You are encouraged to determine your number of transferable credits prior to submitting your completed application.

The University of Arizona Online follows a semester-based schedule and enrolls students year-round. Each session has a different application deadline. To discuss the best start term/session for you, please connect with an enrollment counselor at 520.621.0898. Learn more about Arizona Online dates and deadlines.

Undergraduate tuition ranges from $500 to $610 per credit. Graduate tuition ranges from $650 to $1332 per credit. There is no out-of-state tuition and you can pay per credit.


If you are an international student, please visit

Students that apply through the fully online campus cannot take both online and in-person courses. However, this can be done by applying through the main campus, with the disclaimer that you may not be able to find all the classes you need with the online modality if you apply through the Main Campus. Additionally, not all degree programs offered through the University of Arizona Online are also offered through the Main Campus and vice versa.

For the most part, our programs are 100% online, and we work very hard to make them interactive and engaging. The class format will depend on the professor; however, most classes will have discussion boards so students can participate and interact with their classmates. You will have the opportunity to reply to said discussions either by text, voice recording, and even video response. Some classes require group projects, and you will coordinate. Most classes have asynchronous meeting times, meaning that you do not have to be logged in at a specific time. However, some programs have a synchronous component, and you will have the required log-in time.

On average, one class requires 10 to 20 hours of study time per week. You are encouraged to take as many courses as you feel comfortable and fit your schedule.

Yes. As a University of Arizona student, you can participate in on-campus tours and see what campus life is all about.

Currently, the University of Arizona Online offers a variety of programs from Business Administration to Nutritional Science. Explore all our programs.

Yes. In addition to weekly office hours, students can often reach out to their professors when they have any questions regarding an assignment.

Learn more about Native American Student Affairs. You can also call (520) 621-3835 if you have any questions, including questions about how to use tribal benefits for tuition. Learn more about Native American Funding.


Scholarship Universe

Bridge Scholarship (apply through an Arizona community college) All AZ Academic Team Award (Check out Scholarships & Financial Aid).

*For more information about transferring your existing FASFA aid from a community college, please connect with OSFA or our enrollment team at 520.621.0898.

If you work for an Arizona Online Corporate Partner, you may qualify for tuition reimbursement. Contact your benefits department for more information.

Arizona Online has a cost estimator to provide potential students with an estimate of what their tuition cost might look like. The tuition calculator will estimate the potential costs of your degree. You may also get in touch with a financial aid counselor by emailing

As a University of Arizona Online student, you can take advantage of our Disability Resources Center. Disability Resources leads the campus to create inclusive learning and working environments and facilitates access through innovative services, programs and partnerships.


You are considered a transfer student if you have completed at least 12 transferable college credits with a 2.0 GPA at the time of application and have graduated high school or have a GED. Applicants with fewer than 12 units are still eligible to apply; however, their admission decision will be based on First-Year application guidelines and comprehensive review.

There are no prerequisites required to be admitted to the University of Arizona unless you have fewer than 24 transferable credits. Students with less than 24 transferable credits are required to meet first-year entrance requirements, including aptitude and competency requirements. Please note that certain programs may have their own prerequisites.

The University of Arizona will accept credit from other schools if:

  1. The community college/university you attended is regionally accredited.
  2. Similar courses that are completed are found between your school and the University of Arizona.
  3. A grade of "C" or better is earned for the course/s.

Course transferability is at the discretion of the registrar. For general course equivalency, please refer to our Transfer Credit Guide. For additional questions on transfer credit evaluations, please visit the office of Transfer Credit & Articulation

Contact the Registrar's Office at all of the colleges and universities you attended, and request that an official transcript be sent to the following address:

Registration & Transcripts
The University of Arizona
Administration Building, Room 211
PO Box 210067
Tucson, AZ 85721-0067

You can apply a maximum of 64 community college transfer units towards an Arizona Online degree. For more information on how classes will transfer from your other Arizona institutions, visit the Course Equivalency Guide website. You will enter the name of the community college, then the University of Arizona and see all the classes by subject. You can also connect with Arizona Online Enrollment Counselor by calling 520-621-0898.

Yes. However, you don't need to send your HS transcript/GED if you meet one of the following:

  1. You are age 22 or older.
  2. You have completed the Arizona General Education Curriculum, General Education and Training Certificate or California State University General Education.
  3. You have completed an AA degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution.

High school transcripts or GED scores should be sent directly from your high school/testing agency to:

The University of Arizona Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 210073
Tucson, AZ 85721-0073

Unfortunately, no. Official transcripts are required for the application evaluation. If you have difficulty retrieving your official transcripts, please connect with an Arizona Online Enrollment Counselor by calling 520-621-0898.

Most students transitioning from Pima decide to participate in one of their STU 210 courses. These courses prepare students to adjust to a university setting and prepare them for a transfer pathway. Get in touch with a Pima Online Virtual Advisor through

The AGEC is a general education certificate that fulfills lower-division general education requirements for students planning to transfer to any Arizona public community college or university. The AGEC requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. All AGEC courses are required introductory courses for the completion of your degree. If you complete it with a 2.5 GPA or better, all AGEC courses will transfer towards your Arizona Online degree. You can check out AZ transfer and Pima Transfer Partnership for more information on how to complete your AGEC.

Yes. You can complete community college credit entirely online towards your University of Arizona Online degree.

We recommend you work with the college or school of your degree of interest to review your options. Working with the college and/or advisors for the degree program that you are interested in can help to fulfill the pieces you may be missing. Reach out to an enrollment counselor to create a transfer pathway.

Once you're admitted into the University of Arizona Online, you may choose to switch your campus between online, main or distance networks; however, programs vary by campus. Not all programs are offered on all campuses.

Yes. Click here to learn more about financial aid and scholarship opportunities for Arizona Online students. When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will need to include our school code, which is 001083. Learn more about our payment plan option.

The time it takes to complete a degree depends on the total number of units needed to complete your program and the number of classes taken each semester. The number of companies can vary based on transfer credits. The University of Arizona requires a minimum of 120 credits to earn a bachelor's degree, 30 of which must be completed at the University of Arizona.


Some military credit can be applied toward a University of Arizona degree, depending on your rank in service and the amount of time spent serving in the military. Other credit will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis to determine how compatible the credit might be with our curriculum. In order to have your military work evaluated, send the official copy of the military transcript to our Registration and Transcripts Office for review. To be considered official, transcripts should either be mailed in a sealed envelope directly from the college or university you attended or should be sent through an approved electronic transcript service provider. Note that transcripts sent via email or fax will not be considered official.

Mail Joint Service Transcript to:

Registration & Transcripts
The University of Arizona Administration Building, Room 210
PO Box 210066
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066

Send Joint Service Transcripts via electronic service provider to:

Yes. If you qualify and are approved, you can use your benefits. Our Tuition Assistance contacts are Regina Dowell and Chris Behrends. They can assist with questions relating to using TA.

You can email them at or call (520) 621-1327.

For more information see the Tuition Assistance page on the Office of the Registrar website.

University of Arizona Global Campus

Arizona Online is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Arizona Online offers 100% online programs that are the same as the University of Arizona’s on-campus programs, taught by and conferred by the same faculty, colleges, schools, and departments. Length of courses at Arizona Online are seven and a half weeks. An earned degree from Arizona Online will read University of Arizona.

UAGC is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). UAGC offers 100% online associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and certificate programs taught by and conferred by UAGC faculty, the Forbes School of Business and Technology® and the College of Arts and Sciences. Length of courses at UAGC are five weeks for undergraduate, six weeks for master’s and six to nine weeks for doctoral. Doctoral capstone, planning and project classes are 9 weeks. An earned degree from UAGC will read the University of Arizona Global Campus.

Residents of the District of Colombia, Massachusetts, New York and Puerto Rico are not currently eligible to enroll at UAGC. Some specific UAGC programs are not offered in additional states. For more information about UAGC enrollment eligibility based on student residence, please call 1-866-711-1700.

UAGC is operated in affiliation with UArizona. However, the two institutions are separate organizations with separate governance and administration. UArizona and UAGC have separate accreditation, faculty, staff, schools, colleges, departments, and program offerings, and they award separate degrees. For more information about UArizona, visit about University of Arizona. For more information about UAGC, visit about The University of Arizona Global Campus. An earned degree from UArizona (including Arizona Online) will read The University of Arizona. An earned degree from UAGC will read the University of Arizona Global Campus.

Accreditation is the recognition from an accrediting agency that an institution maintains a certain level of educational standards. UArizona is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and UAGC is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). For more information about UArizona accreditation, visit UArizona accreditation. For more information about UAGC accreditation, including the university’s response to the WASC notice of concern, visit UAGC accreditation.

Yes, the admission requirements differ for UArizona and UAGC. Some of those differences are summarized below.

Arizona Online

Admission to Arizona Online (UArizona’s online degree program) requires completion of the application and if the applicant is under 22, a high school transcript. If the applicant is over 22 and has not completed 12 transferrable credits, they will need a high school transcript. For more information about the admissions process to Arizona Online, visit Arizona Online Admissions.


Admission to UArizona as a first-year student is assured for high school graduates in the top 25% of their class or who have an unweighted 3.0 GPA or better. Those that don’t meet these criteria can go through a review process. For more information about the admissions process to UArizona, visit UArizona Admissions.


Undergraduate admission to UAGC requires high school or GED completion, English language, and technology requirements. Program-specific admissions requirements may also apply. For more information about the undergraduate admissions process to UAGC, visit UAGC Undergraduate Admissions.

Master’s degree program admission to UAGC requires prospective students to meet conditional, provisional, or full admission requirements to be fully admitted. For more information about the master’s degree admissions process, visit UAGC Master’s Degree Admission.

Doctoral degree program admission to UAGC requires prospective students to meet conditional, provisional, or full admission requirements to be fully admitted. For more information about the doctoral degree admissions process, visit UAGC Doctoral Degree Admission.

As of spring 2022, Arizona Online had more than 7,500 students. The average age of Arizona Online undergraduates is 31, with 47% from traditionally underrepresented minorities, 36% first generation, 56% female, and more than 60% working full time.

Over 28,000 students choose UAGC each year. As of February 2022, UAGC active student demographics include:

  • 41.7% minority
  • 65.3% female
  • 42.4% married
  • 75.1% employed full-time
  • 37.4% first generation
  • 55.9% have dependents
  • 28.3% military (includes active, veteran, spouse, dependent, DoD and VA employees, and reserve)
  • average age is 35.2


For tuition information and financial aid services at Arizona Online, visit Arizona Online Tuition and Aid.

For tuition and fees information at UArizona, visit UArizona Transfer Student Tuition and Fees.

For tuition information and financial aid services at UAGC, visit UAGC Tuition and Financial Aid.

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