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10 Online Study Tips for Summer

Here are a few tips to help you excel at learning online during Arizona Online’s summer sessions!

1. Beat the Heat

Summer heat can drain your batteries. But online students can study wherever … as long as it has AC and WiFi! Did you know you can use the Facebook app to locate nearby hotspots?

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

It’s vital to use prep time wisely and get all the supplies you need, especially if you’re working from home. Check our technical requirements page for pointers on what you’ll need for class online.

3. Create Your Workspace

Attending school online means figuring out how to work at home – where all your favorite distractions are! Here are a few tips for setting up the perfect home office.

4. Set Great Goals

Summer classes are often accelerated, so it’s extra important to set realistic goals. Stay up to date with your course syllabus and objectives in D2L, Arizona’s learning management system.

5. Know Your Schedule

Just as important as knowing the syllabus is knowing when class ends – and when exams begin. Keeping up with the academic calendar can help you balance work, school and everything else.

6. Reach Out

Our professors are here to help, but so is your dedicated Student Academic Success Specialist.

If you’re attending Arizona Online, you get all the same resources as on-campus students, from free drop-in tutoring to academic skills coaching. Use them!

8. Form a Study Group

Making an effort to find likeminded peers can help create a sense of community for online learning. After you’re accepted, you can join a Arizona Online Students Facebook group to do exactly that!

9. Stay Focused

Maintaining focus can be a challenge nowadays, particularly while working online. Check out tools like RescueTime and Freedom to manage your distractions so they don’t manage you.

10. Don’t Forget to Rest

Summer is a time for R&R, too! When classes are done, take a trip, sit by the pool, or simply relax at home – whatever you need to recharge.