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Advancing Human Rights Through Filmmaking

Recently, Filmmaker Magazine, the quarterly publication covering issues relating to independent film, featured Arizona Online’s new Human Rights and Documentary Media graduate certificate. The program is one of several that make up the interdisciplinary Human Rights Practice program, a collaboration between the School of Theatre, Film and Television in the College of Fine Arts and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The Human Rights and Documentary Media certificate aims to engage filmmakers and those interested in visual storytelling in working with diverse communities around the world in response to human rights abuses. 

Students have the opportunity to engage with distinguished filmmakers and media activists through videoconferences, internships, class projects and mentorships. This exposure aims to give students a diverse perspective and connect them directly with people already working in the media activist field. 

According to Beverly Seckinger, a filmmaker and professor in the School of Theatre, Film and Television in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona, there are two clear groups who might find the certificate program appealing: 

“First, filmmakers who want to turn their skills toward human rights. The second group will be aspiring or experienced human rights workers pursuing careers in law, refugee rights and resettlement, journalism, or hands-on services like working with the homeless or survivors of sexual violence. These are people who want to learn to think about how media practices can serve their work. This may not necessarily mean making a movie but understanding a broader media ecosystem.”

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