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Meet the 2023-24 ASUA-NY Executive Board

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona Near You (ASUA-NY) is the student government on the University's Online, Near You, and Distance campuses. Our student government goes above and beyond and serves their school and peers. Through programs, policies, and events and ensuring the student's voice is heard, ASUA-NY works to enhance the quality of student life through academics, activities, community involvement, clubs and organizations, service, and advocating for students. Let's meet the Board!

Lori Law with hat on
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Lori Bentley Law



Major: Design Arts & Practices

Minor: (Thematic Minor) Content Creation

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Occupation: Creative Director for Affeldt Mion Museum in Winslow, Arizona 

I’m a believer in manifesting your destiny. I’m also a big believer in the power of positive thinking. In 2018, I left a twenty-four-year career as a video journalist for NBC Los Angeles because our coverage was not putting happiness into the world. Don’t get me wrong; I had no regrets about my career. 

My work took me around the globe, covering Olympic Games, Presidential Elections, and a Papal Conclave. I even won a couple of Emmys. But I was ready for the next iteration of myself. 

One important goal was to finish the education I started in my twenties, but the idea of walking into a classroom at my age worried me (I’m 56). Online education solved that problem. The Design Arts and Practices major has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I eagerly anticipate every class, but I have had a couple of bumps. That was how I discovered the ASUA-NY student board. I aim to help online students make the most of their experience, feel included and valued, and have a voice. I’d like to see standards set for instructor minimums, like having at least one video lecture so students can see their faces and hear their voices. I want to ensure online students understand how to communicate problems and connect with fellow students. 

I can’t go back and recreate college campus life, but I want to feel connected to my school and my fellow Online, Near You, and Distance classmates to feel the same. I want them to tell me about their experiences, good and bad. Let’s celebrate the good and fix the bad. Go Wildcats!

Madissen Miller

Executive Vice President


Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Year: Senior at UArizona Gilbert (Graduating May 2024) 

Although nursing school takes up much of my time, I love to travel when I have extra time. So far, I’ve visited almost half of the United States on road trips, which I love. I also recently went to Mexico, which was such an amazing experience. The rich history and culture made me feel truly connected to my ancestors and this beautiful world we call home. Additionally, I love anything that lets me tap into my creative side, such as singing, dancing, poetry, painting, and theater. 

I’m so excited to be a part of ASUA-NY! One of my main goals is to continuously better the world around me, whether through recycling or giving someone a platform to speak their truth. I believe that to be the best version of yourself, you must be open-minded and ready to adapt to the changes life throws your way. We all have room to improve, and I want to hear your ideas, hopes, and needs so we can continue to make the University better for everyone around us and everyone in the future. To the students, I hope you all know I am here for you during my term. I will be an ear if you need to talk, a shoulder if you need to cry, and a friend in challenging situations. Let’s have a fantastic year! Go Wildcats!

ASUANY administrative VP Owi

Owi Akpan

Administrative Vice President 

Major: Applied Computing with a focus on Software Development

Hometown: Antioch, CA

Year: Senior

My dedication to continuous growth and skill enhancement led me to take on the role of Administrative Vice President with the Associated Students University of Arizona - Near You (ASUA-NY). I joined the ASUA-NY board out of a strong desire to make a tangible impact within our academic community. 

I aim to create a space where collaboration is key, inspiring Online and Distance students to feel included and empowered and actively participate in shaping both their own educational paths and the wider university community.

The ASUA-NY Board is focused on enhancing communications between the student body and the University community to provide a forum for discussing and defining the role of students in the University and to advocate their concerns within the University community and statewide.