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MentorCats Now Offered to All Arizona Online Students, Including Graduate Students

MentorCats is a peer-to-peer mentorship program for Arizona Online students who want to connect with fellow online learners. We are excited to announce that Arizona Online’s partnership with Mentor Collective will now be offered to all undergraduate AND graduate Arizona Online students.

Following the successful launch of the MentorCats program in the summer of 2022, Arizona Online has expanded its partnership with Mentor Collective to provide access to peer mentorship to all students enrolled in Arizona Online.

MentorCats support student success by helping students to create meaningful relationships with their peers. In addition, mentors assist in navigating the unique challenges and adjustments faced when attending college as a fully online learner. Mentees can connect with their mentors via text, phone, email, or virtual meeting platforms.

In the first semester of the partnership, over 500 undergraduate students were matched with a peer mentor. The program has already involved more than 600 undergraduate students as mentors and mentees, representing more than 10% of our Arizona Online undergraduate student body. Now, the University of Arizona Online is proud to expand the MentorCats program to include all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an online degree program.

“Arizona Online is thrilled to build our collaboration with Mentor Collective. Mentor Collective helps us to facilitate meaningful peer-to-peer support to help students navigate their journey from enrollment to graduation. This historical partnership reaffirms our student-driven mission and commitment to student success at all levels.” Caleb Simmons, Executive Director of Arizona Online.

Student integration and engagement have long been recognized as some of the strongest predictors of retention, particularly among first-generation college students.

“Supporting the newest students while engaging experienced students as leaders is a dual benefit. The MentorCats program is part of Arizona Online's ongoing commitment to re-envision cornerstone student experiences into scalable virtual modalities,” Carmin Chan, Senior Director, Online Student Success Initiatives.