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Health Law for Health Professionals

Graduate Certificate

Graduate students and working professionals can increase their employability across multiple health care fields by mastering the fundamentals of laws and regulations relevant to the industry.


The 100% online graduate certificate in Health Law for Health Professionals program is the result of a unique collaboration between expert faculty from multiple University of Arizona colleges and international leaders looking to hire future graduates. The health care workforce needs individuals with legal knowledge, meaning this certificate enhances students’ employability and success within the health care industry.

The program is designed for individuals who do not wish to practice law but regularly encounter legal, regulatory and ethical issues in their health care professions. The coursework provides a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of legal and ethical doctrine in health care organizations, financing, delivery and practice. Courses provide a fundamental understanding of legal and ethical concerns surrounding financial management, licensing, government involvement and related topics.

The program consists of 12 credits, comprising four courses at 3 credits each. Students can select any four courses out of the current list of offerings. Certificate credits may be applied to the Master of Legal Studies (MLS). The certificate can be completed in 12 months.

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Career Level: Graduate Certificate
Degree: Graduate Certificate
College: College of Law

Cost & Eligibility

Per Unit Cost: $650
*Residents of some U.S. Territories may not be eligible. Please see our Eligibility & State Authorization page for more information.

Wondering about the specific courses you can take? A few examples include:

  • PHIL 515: Health Care Ethics – Explore moral questions faced by health care professionals. For example, what rights and responsibilities come with the role of health care provider? Should the provider always disclose the full truth about a diagnosis? Should patients have absolute rights over their own bodies?
  • Law 579B: Legal and Regulatory Fundamentals for Health Care Business – Acquire a fundamental understanding of the financial management issues involved in the health law field, specifically related to reimbursement by third parties, federal and state government programs, health insurance plans, and self-funded programs.
  • Law 580A: Professional Responsibility and Compliance for Health Professionals – Gain an overview of the professional licensure and compliance requirements and the administrative, criminal and civil processes for non-compliance.
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Program Overview

If you’re a health care professional who regularly encounters legal issues but does not wish to practice law, this fully online graduate certificate can increase your employability and success within your industry. It provides a nuanced understanding of legal and ethical doctrine in health care organizations, financing, delivery and practice.


Health Law Graduate Certificates

The University of Arizona offers two fully online graduate certificates in Health Law: one in Regulatory Science and the other in Health Law for Health Professionals. With these certificates, you can acquire practical, multidisciplinary skills to prepare for careers in related fields without committing to a master’s degree.