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Master of Science

The 100% online Master of Science in Cybersecurity enables working professionals to train for the most lucrative and rapidly growing career paths in information technology.


This 33-unit program, available 100% online, is ideal for professionals who have three years of technical work experience in IT, engineering and related fields. The curriculum draws from the University of Arizona’s programs in Management Information Systems (MIS), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Systems and Industrial Engineering (SIE).

Two tracks are available: information systems (MIS) and physical systems (engineering). Both focus on applying analytical and critical thinking to plan and execute security measures to shield computer systems, networks and networked devices from infiltration and cyberattacks. Students will supplement theoretical knowledge with interactive, hands-on learning.

Courses cover topics such as:

  • Business intelligence data mining.
  • Systems security management.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Ethical hacking and social engineering.
  • Cyber threat intelligence.
  • Cyber warfare.

Start studying right away — the program offers six admission dates throughout the year, with accelerated 8-week courses.

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Career Level: Graduate
Degree: Master of Science
College: Eller College of Management and College of Engineering

Cost & Eligibility

Per Unit Cost: $1,332
*Residents of some U.S. Territories may not be eligible. Please see our Eligibility & State Authorization page for more information.

Wondering about the specific classes you can take in this program? See the course descriptions below.

  • MIS 515: Information Security in Public and Private Sectors - Gain a general knowledge of measures to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of information systems. Topics include hardware, software and network security; INFOSEC, OPSEC and NSTISS overviews; national policy, threats, countermeasures and risk management.
  • MIS 545: Data Mining for Business Intelligence - Learn how to discover knowledge and acquire business intelligence from massive datasets. Overview of the most important data mining techniques – classification, clustering, association rule mining, visualization, and prediction – used to discover patterns in fraud detection, consumer behavior, credit approval, etc.
  • ECE 578: Fundamentals of Computer Networks - Introduction to computer networks and protocols. Study of the ISO open systems interconnection model, with emphasis on the physical, data link, network and transport layers. Discussion of IEEE 802, OSI and Internet protocols.
  • SIE 571: Systems Cyber Security Engineering - Explore various techniques for eliminating security vulnerabilities, defining security specifications/plans, and incorporating countermeasures in order to achieve overall system assurance.
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