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Information Warfare

Undergraduate Certificate


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Quick Facts

Credits Required: 18
Cost Per Credit: $500
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College of Applied Science & Technology

Program Details

The Undergraduate Certificate in Information Warfare focuses on both offensive and defensive information operations. This certificate gives you the skills necessary to protect against advanced information operation campaigns.

Gain hands-on experience detecting and defending against operations and disinformation campaigns carried out by foreign adversaries. You will use interactive exercises to master leveraging open-source data to support the development of psychological and information operation campaigns. Course content will guide you in developing and deploying denial of service and counter-messaging strategies to mitigate adversarial Information Operation campaigns. After completing this certificate, you will be able to expertly explain how influence operations focus on manipulating the psychology of targets through strategic communication. You will also be able to synchronize information operations with kinetic and electronic warfare processes to support hybrid and unrestricted warfare.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Information Warfare serves students from across the University, specifically those without the technical intelligence or the cyber background necessary to be successful in the field of information warfare. This certificate is an excellent complement to University of Arizona cyber, intelligence, media studies, journalism and national security degree programs.

This certificate can be completed one course at a time or can be taken in as few as two semesters.

*Residents of some U.S. Territories may not be eligible. Please see our Eligibility & State Authorization page for more information.


The curriculum for this program includes:

INTV 305: Introduction to Intelligence & Information Operations
INTV 377: Psychological Operations (PSYOP)
CYBV 354: Principles of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
CYBV 437: Deception, Counterdeception & Counterintelligence
CYBV 450: Information Warfare
CYBV 481: Social Engineering Attacks



Earning your Undergraduate Certificate in Information Warfare will build core skills, including:

  • Digital influence & manipulation operations
  • Social engineering
  • Psychological operations
  • Strategic communication
  • Denial of service & counter-messaging strategies
  • Principles of influence and manipulation
  • Malware infection
  • Social engineering attacks

Graduates of the Undergraduate Certificate in Information Warfare program will be prepared to pursue the following careers:

  • Information Warfare Officer
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • PSYOP Specialist
  • Deception Officer
  • OSINT Analyst
  • Strategic Messaging Specialist
  • Civil Affairs Specialist
  • Counter Cyber Threat Intel Analyst
  • Threat Operations Consultant
  • Marketing and Public Relations Director
  • Social Digital Media Specialist
  • Marking Communications Manager
  • Media Strategist
  • Media Analyst