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Why Enroll in an Individual Course? Prepare for an Advanced Degree

Are you getting ready to pursue an advanced degree in medicine, business, law or another field? Need a few additional credits to meet your pre-requisite requirements for admission? If so, taking an individual course through the University of Arizona Online might be the right choice for you.

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Examples of available courses:

Pre-Med Courses:

Getting ready to apply to medical school? Explore a sample of courses that pre-med students can take as individual courses, focusing on science and laboratory requirements needed for continued education in medicine or healthcare.

Biochemistry courses:

  • BIOC 384: Foundations in Biochemistry
  • BIOC 385: Metabolic Biochemistry

Chemistry courses:

  • CHEM 141: General Chemistry Lecture I: Quantitative
  • CHEM 142: General Chemistry Lecture II: Quantitative Approach
  • CHEM 145: Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHEM 146: Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory II

Organic Chemistry:

  • CHEM 241A: Lectures in Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM241B: Lectures in Organic Chemistry

Microbiology courses:

  • MIC 205A: General Microbiology
  • ECOL 320: Genetics

Psychology courses:

  • PSIO 201: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • PSIO 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Math courses:

  • MATH 263: Introduction to Statistics and Biostatistics

Molecular & Cellular Biology Courses:

  • MCB 181L: Introductory Biology Laboratory I
  • MCB 181R: Introductory Biology I

Prerequisites for Professional Science Master's Applied Nutrition: Dietetics:

Explore a range of courses you can take if you are considering a pre-health professional pathway, graduate nutrition programs, physician assistant programs or medical school.

Nutritional Science Courses:

  • NSC 308: Nutrition and Metabolism
  • NSC 310: Principles of Human Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • NCS 325: Foundations of Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • NSC 351R: Fundamentals of Food Science
  • NSC 425: Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  • NSC 435: Medical Nutrition Therapy II
  • NSC 458: Food Service Organization and Management

Prerequisites for Business Degrees:

Getting ready to earn your MBA or BBA? Get ahead with core curriculum requirements offered as individual courses.

Accounting Courses:

  • ACCT 200: Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 210: Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Business Administration Courses:

  • BNAD 304: Survey of Finance

Applied Computing Courses:

  • APCV 302: Statistics in Information Age