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Joseph is Living, Learning & Looking Forward to What's Next

Joseph Trombecky is an online psychology and communications student based in New Jersey. He is also the current ASUA-NY Executive Vice President and will graduate in Fall 2023.

Joseph was adopted in the Philippines as a newborn. He came to the United States at the age of three. Joseph's mother and aunt are Filipino, while his father is Lithuanian. He has lived with his father, mother, and aunt since he was little. 

joseph smiling

What are your favorite memories of growing up?

My favorite memories growing up were learning to play the piano for competition because it taught me to set and go for goals. I also loved going to the movies with my aunt because I always thought they were magical.

You work full-time as a counselor for children with disabilities, care for your parents, and attend school. How do you manage all of that?

I'll be completely honest, I'm exhausted, but I plan out my days as best as possible and have been learning to cultivate more positive self-talk to improve.

Who has had the most significant impact on your life?

My mother is single-handedly the strongest role model I have ever had. She has stayed strong despite anything, encouraging and teaching me to do the same

What is your favorite family tradition that you continue today?

I love our Christmases together. Even if it's just my mother, father, aunt, and me every year, I get to show them my gratitude for what they've offered and given me.

What are you the most passionate about? What sparked that interest?

I want to use my time to help those with disabilities/battling mental health. As someone who has dealt with obstacles over the years, I find it very important to use my time to bring others up when possible.

What drew you to psychology and communications?

When entering college, I genuinely didn't know what to do with myself, and I recognized those two majors together would be manageable with my workload and were the most versatile to apply to many fields.

What has working with children with disabilities taught you about yourself?

I have so much more to learn about myself and my future. While I love the work I do and love being able to help build positive habits for future generations and help those suffering from mental health, there are ample skills and ways to improve as an individual that I hope to apply to my daily life. 

I also have realized that I'm not motivated by external factors as much as I find motivation in using my time to build others up. 

Do you want to stay in the helping professions after graduation?

I'm still trying to decide what I would like to choose as a specific career path, but I would love to follow this road to see what other opportunities there will be.