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Bachelor of Arts

A strong understanding of history is important when approaching the challenges and opportunities we face in the United States and around the world.


History encompasses the entirety of the human experience, ranging from family intimacies to workplace dynamics, from the building of communities to the formation of nation states, from global climate change to intercontinental pandemics, from acts of faith to scientific discovery. This field of study contributes to the pursuit of knowledge in almost every field of scholarship and provides an important nexus for interdisciplinary research across the arts, humanities and sciences.

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Career Level: Undergraduate
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
College: College of Social And Behavioral Sciences

Cost & Eligibility

Per Unit Cost: $500
*Residents of some U.S. Territories may not be eligible. Please see our Eligibility & State Authorization page for more information.

Wondering about the specific classes you can take in this program? See the course descriptions below.

  • HIST 301: Introduction to the Study of History - An introduction of major themes in historical research that enable students to identify conceptual premises and define terms of analysis that inform the work of scholars in the field. This course will also provide a practical introduction to research of primary sources, and qualitative and quantitative evidence.
  • HIST405A: Medieval Europe - Examination of the creation and evolution of a new cultural entity - Europe - during the global Middle Ages. Topics explored include religious conversion and conflict, the development of secular and ecclesiastical authority, and the cultural, intellectual, and technological achievements of the Middle Ages.
  • HIST498: Senior Capstone - A research essay, including a research proposal, historiographic essay, rough draft(s), class presentation, and final draft, that extensively discuss the research interests and topics each student has developed in their history classes.
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Earning your Bachelor of Arts in History will build core skills, including:

  • communication skills
  • critical thinking
  • research
  • teaching
  • social studies
  • public speaking
  • organizational skills
  • policy analysis

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Students of history learn to use the past to predict the future. By exploring topics related to family dynamics, the human experience, religion and scientific discovery, graduates acquire a holistic worldview that makes them employable in a variety of careers.


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