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Credits Required: 120
Cost Per Credit: $500
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Psychology is one of the most popular majors at the UA. Our students explore the complex world of the mind and brain – how the mind and brain evolve from infancy to old age, the environmental influences that shape our behavior, and the impact of brain disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

As a Psychology major, you will gain new insights into yourself and your relationship with the world around you. We’ll help you build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed beyond your degree – whether your career choice is psychology, medicine, law, business or education.

At one of the nation’s top-ranked Psychology departments, you’ll have access to world-class faculty and an award-winning advisory support program to help guide you toward your future career.

*Residents of some U.S. Territories may not be eligible. Please see our Eligibility & State Authorization page for more information.

Courses in this program include:

PSY 300: Cognitive Neuroscience: A Guide to Mind and Brain
PSY 360: Social Psychology
PSY 383: Health Psychology
PSY 480: Forensic Psychology


Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will build core skills, including:

  • Critical and analytical thought
  • Digital fluency
  • Ethical and social responsibility
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Leadership
  • Organizational skills
  • Professional writing/presenting
  • Research foundations
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Synthesis of information
  • Teamwork/collaboration
  • Time management
  • Understanding human behavior

The BA in Psychology prepares you for a wide variety of career paths. Here are just a few examples:

  • Business & Industry
  • Education
  • Law & Policy
  • Mediation
  • Forensics
  • Human Resources
  • Counseling/Private Practice
  • Social Work
  • Healthcare
  • Culture & Language
  • Health, Nutrition & Fitness
  • Psychology & Human Behavior
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Education & Research

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