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Bachelor of Arts

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Credits Required: 120
Cost Per Credit: $560
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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the College of Law

The Bachelor of Arts in Law degree–a first-of-its-kind program available at the University of Arizona–is a result of a unique partnership between the James E. Rogers College of Law and the School of Government and Public Policy at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. As one of the nation's most proven and trusted BA Law degrees, this program will teach you to "think like a lawyer" when solving problems and developing arguments. You will learn foundational aspects of law, such as criminal and civil procedure, contracts, and torts, as well as competency in key jurisprudential concepts, doctrines, and theories relevant to the common law.

How does our BA in Law differ from pre-law? Pre-law students are taught essential skills and subjects, but their exposure to law and legal topics is limited. In contrast, as a BA in Law student, you gain in-depth knowledge of criminal law, constitutional law, contracts, property, procedure, and more. These are the same subjects studied by students in Juris Doctor (JD) programs. Additionally, these subjects are taught by leading legal professors, scholars and practitioners using the same pedagogy developed to teach law students but tailored for the undergraduate experience. 

The BA in Law empowers you to get a jump-start on your career as a legislative and regulatory affairs analyst, mediator, foreign service officer, related personnel legal translator, or legal advocate, to name a few. By earning this degree, you may also qualify for an accelerated path to law school or the University's accelerated master's option, where you can earn a Master of Legal Studies in just one extra semester. You also have the opportunity to choose a coursework track that prepares you to pursue a license as a Legal Paraprofessional and qualifies you to sit for the Arizona state exam.

With a BA in Law in hand, you can go on to attend a JD program to become a lawyer or enter many other legal professions directly after graduating. If you are passionate about studying law, the BA in Law may be a great option.

This College of Social and Behavioral Sciences major requires a minor (or double major).

You may work with James E. Rogers College of Law faculty to identify internship opportunities wherever you are located.

*Residents of some U.S. Territories may not be eligible. Please see our Eligibility & State Authorization page for more information.

The curriculum for this program includes but is not limited to such courses as:

LAW 451: Introduction to Public International Law
LAW 454: Environmental Law and Policy
POL 309: The Judicial Process
POL 470: Constitutional Law: Federalism
LAW 401: Procedure
Law 453: Immigration Law and Policy
LAW 404: The American Public Law System
LAW 407: Legal Analysis, Writing and Research
LAW 440A: Introduction to Human Rights Law
LAW 453: Introduction to Immigration Law and Policy
LAW 456: Family Law
LAW 458: Introduction to Criminal Law


Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Law will build core skills, including:

  • Analysis of complex ideas
  • Composing legal or policy briefs and papers
  • Critical thinking
  • Evaluating data
  • High-level research and writing
  • Persuasion and presentation
  • Thinking like a lawyer
  • Compliance and regulatory affairs
  • Understanding legal doctrine and procedures

The BA in Law curriculum prepares you for a wide variety of careers, both directly with the legal profession and in the many fields involving law, regulation, negotiation, advocacy and risk management.

Although many BA in Law students go on to law school and a career as a lawyer, many other career paths are available. In addition to the careers found in the outcomes explorer below, typical careers that BA in Law graduates pursue include (but are not limited to):

  • Legislative and regulatory affairs analysts
  • Human resources representatives
  • Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers
  • Mediators
  • Educators
  • Public relations officers
  • Non-governmental organization and nonprofit advocates
  • Foreign service officers and related personnel legal translators
  • Anti-money laundering analysts
  • Contract administrators
  • Tribal affairs specialists
  • Legal advocate

Become a Licensed Legal Paraprofessional

If you are interested in becoming a licensed Legal Paraprofessional, you have the option of completing the Legal Paraprofessional (LP) Certificate as an additional credential to your BA in LA degree.

The Legal Paraprofessional profession is new, and the levels of education allowed by the governing code vary. Earning an LP Certificate as an additional credential to your BA in Law degree enables you to enhance your coursework and skill level, and differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.

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