Acceptance into Eller’s Online Program Opens up Many Opportunities for Joey Katzen

Joey Katzen

Currently working towards his Business Administration degree and certificates in finance and sports management, SoCal native and part-time ice hockey referee, Joey Katzen, has created success through Arizona Online and is eager to see the career it will land him.

After graduating from high school, Katzen enrolled in community college, but he found that it wasn’t the best fit for him at the time. “I wasn’t doing my best, and my grades reflected that,” he says.

Katzen decided to take some time off of college, live on his own, and enter the workforce to make ends meet. While balancing two jobs and working long hours, it became clear to him that he wanted to receive an education that would provide him with a supportive career.

“I always loved sports and numbers, and I came to the conclusion that there are many opportunities in the world to do this for a living, and maybe this is the direction that I want to go down.”

Once Katzen returned to school, he enrolled into Rio Salado College, an online community college that has a partnership with Arizona.

Katzen first learned about Arizona Online from his parents, who had both worked at the University of Arizona. He began receiving more recommendations about Arizona Online and knew it was the best option for him because it provided flexibility for his lifestyle.

He established his plan with his advisor, Carmin Chan, where she provided him great information on how to transfer to Arizona Online and get into their top-ranked Eller College of Management.

“When I first got the letter of acceptance from Eller, it meant a lot to me because I’ve had a lot of difficulty in my life succeeding in school and doing well,” Katzen says.

Now with his feet planted firmly into the ground as an online Eller student, Katzen was determined to make the most out of his experience through his coursework.

“Eller professors are always available, and having that involvement from the professors is beneficial to my success. It clearly makes Eller a number one choice for my education.”

Eller provided networking and career development opportunities that were endless, especially with the help of his advisors. “Your advisors are there to help just like your teachers,” he says. “As I’ve gotten to know my advisors really well, I’ve started to receive more personalized notifications about events here in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.”

Katzen had an externship at a real-estate office in Los Angeles and attended an Eller alumni event in Santa Ana to network and learn about their professions. “Eller gives students an opportunity wherever they are located that cover a wide array of business topics.”

“My biggest accomplishment in Eller has been receiving an honorable mention for the Dean’s list,” Katzen says.

Katzen believes that earning a degree from Arizona Online has many perks because it says something about his work ethic, time management, and organizational skills.

“My dream job is to work analytics for an ice hockey team. I’m very involved in ice hockey, and I think being able to do analytics and figure out which players to draft or find contracts with would be great.”