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What are Accelerated Degree Programs?

Time is valuable, especially for students with full-time jobs. So it’s understandable that working professionals are looking to earn a degree as fast as possible. But you don’t have to sacrifice a quality education for the sake of saving time. Accelerated degree programs provide a great balance between quality and time investment.

What are accelerated degree programs?

Accelerated degree programs offer shorter classes in compressed sessions that give you more flexibility. This means you can fast-track your education without sacrificing the quality of your learning experience.

If you’re up for the challenge of covering the same amount of coursework in a regular degree just more quickly, an accelerated program might be for you! The University of Arizona Online currently offers two accelerated degree programs online, with more to come in the future.

University of Arizona Online Accelerated Degree Programs

Information & eSociety

Earn an accelerated graduate and accelerated bachelor’s degree online in Library and Information Science in less than five years! 

Learn to think critically about information and the ways that people use and influence technology. Learn to create programs and solutions in online digital environments that are effective, inclusive and respectful of diverse people and groups.

Cyber Security MS

The Information Systems track of the Cyber Security MS is offered in an accelerated 8-week format, consisting of 21 units.

Learn to assess, prevent and manage information and systems security-related risks. This is an interdisciplinary cybersecurity program where you will complete a common core of courses and then select either the Information Systems or Physical Systems track.

Is an Accelerated Degree Program Right for Me?

Are you a self-motivated learner or have you been an online student in the past and like how online classes are structured? You might thrive in an accelerated program as you have to be a self-starter who makes a schedule and sticks to it.

For busy adults, the efficiency and flexibility of an online accelerated degree program might be the best way to earn a degree in your current field. Looking for a career change? Online accelerated degree programs are a great way to earn a top-ranked degree in a new career field quickly.

If you’re interested in earning a master's degree, an accelerated program is a great way to increase earning potential, industry knowledge and career advancement.

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